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HIV and Drug Discovery

Having grown up and experienced the worst HIV epidemic in the early 1990, it was a childhood goal to contribute to the discovery of life saving drugs in memory of the many innocent lives that succumbed to this pandemic whilst adding a contribution on behalf of our generation to this chronic global health problem. HIV is still at large and by any means is our generational problem more so the millennials that lack first-hand experience of this notorious killer. The only validated weapon are drugs called anti-retroviral therapy whose continuous race to override a exceedingly cunning “super bug-HIV” rests upon dedicated unsung heroes (Drug discoverers) that spend many sleepless nights and long working days for the good of many. My own personal experiences led to the conjecturing of the “science for social impact phenomenon” to recapitulate these sacrifices and for the public to understand based on facts and evidence while possibly garnering more support for such revolutionary acts. Thus …